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The Heat is here

4 julio, 2015

We are already in summer, the holidays are here, and above all, we have the heat here to stay for a long time. The heat here in Madrid is almost unbearable like in a slew of cities in Spain.

The air conditionings fully work in every corner of the city. Sometimes they break down in the underground, and the journey becomes mortal for all the passengers, babies, elders, computer programmers, etc.

If you have a white-collar job you’ll surely have air conditioning at the office but there is no air conditioning for the bricklayers, the garbage man, the beggar, or the farmer. If you have an apartment, you must have money to pay for the electricity that those apparatus consume. You must have the money, otherwise you’ll die in a heat wave. A fan isn’t enough for these temperatures.

The heat in Spain isn’t democratic, not everyone suffers the heat in the same way, if you are a well-off person, you can afford so many air conditionings as you need at home or at your office.

There are families without even a roof to protect themselves from the sun, let alone having air conditioning. The right to protect yourself from the sun should be universal, for everyone in a country like Spain, above all to the south.

There are shanty towns in the outskirts of Madrid where they know very well how the intensity of the sun is in summer. They live among insects, rats and garbage with the rays of sun as determinant factor for salubrity and health.

With this heat the pace of living appears to slow down, everything is harder to do. Everything appears to consume more energy and it’s the ideal moment for a siesta after having lunch. It’s Time to drink many soft drinks and perhaps a cold beer. This in the developed world, in the third world there aren’t such commodities.

It’s great for everyone enjoying the swimming pool, having a cold beer or switching on the air conditioning this season, but we should know that not everyone is in the same condition facing the heat, some suffer the scarcity and they are here in Madrid, (or Paris, or London, etc..).

Heat isn’t fairly distributed in a big city or in the countryside.

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