In this section I have put a summary of my website in English to make it more accessible and include non-Spanish speakers, not only people who have English as their mother tongue, but all those people who have English as a second language, such as Japanese, Chinese, etc.


I welcome you to my page, in it I try to share with people through the network some things, not too personal or controversial. This web is not for job search but if you want to make me an offer send me an email and I will answer you.


As personal information I will tell you that I was born in Madrid (Spain) and I still live in Madrid. I like pop and classical music, the best known by all. I like science fiction movies, especially big-budget North American blockbuster movies like Star Wars, Alien, Blade Runner, Dune, etc. I like reading scientific outreach, especially about physics and chemistry.

I am a follower of the soccer (football, UK) team Atlético de Madrid and the american actress Scarlett Johansson, for her sex appeal.


If you want to contact me you can do it at the email address agustin[@]agustincabrera.es, I hope the mail is serious and it makes some sense, I do not like to get spam.

This Website

This website is divided into several sections, now you are in the 'English' section for non-Spanish speakers. In the 'Inicio' section I put an introduction to my personal information and a contact email. In the 'Fotos' section I put links to some photographs that I have taken over time and that are my favorite, the photos are hosted in Google Photos and Flickr. In the 'Descargas' section I put a series of documentation or programs to download and that I consider interesting.

In the previous version of the website I put a series of java applets that I had written over time. Here I do not put them because besides that some browsers do not support java, they can not run on mobile devices.

This website has been developed by me with html5, css3, javascript (jQuery) and php, with a philosophy 'Responsive', that is, the web adapts to the screen size of the device. Without any profit spirit, simply as a hobby.