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Heat again in Madrid

26 junio, 2016

The heat is here once again in Madrid, I’ve already bought a portable fan for my room, it’s necessary an awning in the window and frequent trips to the fridge for cold water or a soft drink. Yes, Madrid is a scorching city in summer, more or less like Seville or Granada in the south of Spain. It can be easily understood the need of a siesta in the warmest hours of the day, the custom of the siesta it is not a whimsical thing but a real need to spend some part of the morning and afternoon safe from the sun.

People who have a siesta in the south aren’t sloths but folks who need a place to protect themselves from the scorching hours of the day. When I lived in Seville I didn’t have air conditioning at my apartment and I used to go to the cafeteria of a nearby hospital to protect myself from the heat. If you live in the centre-south of Spain it’s necessary the use of an air conditioning, it is a must. Of course you have to be able to afford the cost of the electricity to maintain the apparatus.

My advice to spend the holidays, if you live in Madrid, is to go abroad or to go up to the north. I don’t fancy the beach, being under the sun toasting my skin like a crab it is not my cup of tea. I don’t like either the feeling of being on the sand, sometimes wet sand. I prefer being at the bar or a terrace having something refreshing.

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