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Soon on vacation

4 junio, 2015

The summer holidays are looming and we all are deciding what to do or where to go these vacations. Some simply go to their village, some go to the beach and the rest are considering to go abroad.

Most will take a car to get to destination but for those who go too far, it’s necessary to take a plane and perhaps fly a couple of hours, for example, to Paris or London. For me, every time that I take a plane, the fear to fly is present. Yes, I’ve fear to fly, it’s a feeling that I can’t sidestep in any way.

My brother simply sleeps until we get to destination and other people do the same, but, I enter a long agony which lasts all the journey. I’m unable to enjoy the flight, and I should, because flying is the most secure way of travelling according to the statistics.

The worse part of the flight is the taking off, at least for me. There are so many vibrations and you can hear the power of the engines of both sides. Once I’m in the air, I relax a bit. I try to distract myself reading something or looking through the window the shape and colours of the terrain. If it’s night, I enjoy looking to the lights on the terrain there down.

I feel a bit of fear during all the journey but, I don’t need any drug to keep calm and not start shouting: ‘I don’t want to die!’. I don’t want to overdo it, I feel fear but once I’ve landed, I forget the flight totally. And, I always try to bear in mind that a journey by car is a lot of times more dangerous than a simple flight to London.

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