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Seville, worth visiting

29 mayo, 2015

I’m unable of saying which is the most beautiful city in Spain, I think that all of them deserve to be visited at least once in life. Today I want to speak about Seville in Andalusia, to the south of Spain. If you want to know Seville deeply, you have to visit Seville during Easter and the April fair, and breathe the atmosphere surrounding everything in the city.

For urban people, it’s awesome to see the carriages hauled by decorated horses at the city centre. Further, it’s stunning to see women dressed with the typical dress, with roses in hair, etc…

You, immediately, realize that you are in a different culture, other way of understanding life, there is another pace of living. There is no hustle and bustle at rush hour at all the public transportation means, however the crowd gather on the street to see the processions and the parades by people wearing the typical suit or dress, or the robes of many penitents.

The city centre of Seville is the most beautiful thing that you can see in a city, such as the neighbourhood of Santa Cruz, the cathedral or the ‘Alcazar’, (nice palace).

The ‘Alcazar’ will remind you of ‘La Alambra’ in Granada, another city you can’t miss out.

The cathedral of Seville is the largest Gothic cathedral and the third-largest church in the world. It’s a landmark which is worth visiting by itself.

I recommend to you visiting the numerous churches in the city, some of them the home of a brotherhood which parades in Easter.

I moved to Seville ten years ago to spend only four months there, for work purposes, it was summer, Seville is one of the most scorching cities in Spain, so my advice is that you visit Seville in early spring, before getting into summer.

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