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‘JOY’, the movie

10 enero, 2016

This post is devoted to recommend a movie to you, ‘JOY’. I watched the movie yesterday and it kept me thinking for a while. It all is about a outstanding high school student who has to miss university to help at home. Her family is not a model to say the truth, and her job doesn’t help so that she can make progress in her life. She is divorced with two kids and her parents and the former-husband live with her. Suddenly she has an idea, she invents the ultimate mop. At first she fails to sell the item on TV, and it is necessary to have guts and the decision to fight a slew of hurdles to finally succeed.

I thought that if she had had my temper she would have failed completely. I’m not like her, I thought, sometimes in business it is necessary to have a special temper to succeed, to fight everyone who interpose in our way.

I thought that I would have given up very soon, I wouldn’t have persevered until the success, but ‘JOY’ struggles against her family and her luck to finally succeed and buy a mansion for the kids and the rest of her family.

This movie is an allegory of those people who fight life everyday with no much luck but, some of them, end up succeeding to find the happiness.

Movies like this, make us not to quit a business that we have started and, at first, doesn’t go well. These movies make us to persevere and not to ditch everything before having started.

So, I admire all those entrepreneurs who risk their money to chase a dream, those entrepreneurs who get along with the sole help of themselves.

To finish with the post, I admire all those who risk and have guts in order not to surrender and finally succeed.

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