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STAR WARS and the future of cinema

21 febrero, 2019

In a very far galaxy is located one of the most successful film series of all times, it’s about religion, it’s about friendship, it’s about evil, it’s about goodness, it’s about war, it’s about peace, it’s about almost everything. And the success doesn’t come only for the story, it’s about technical excellence in cinema as well. It’s astonishing the visual effects of this film considering it was shot in the 80’s without the appreciated help of a today computer.

Since the 2000’s we have received a deluge of movies developed with the help of all types of software that facilitates the task of creating motion pictures more appealing and credible than those of precedent years, about the space, about the cretaceous, about all types of wars, etc. They are scarce the films based in a valuable and meritorious script like some years before, based in the temper and life of some character or set of characters like ‘Gone with the wind’. With the current technology they are able to recreate even japanese comics such as ‘Ghost in the shell’ or french ones such as ‘The fifth element’ to name just a few.

And the future appear to be more of the same, technology in everywhere in every movie, sometimes neglecting the script and the characters’ profile, this is the case of a film such as ‘Valerian’, a film crammed with visual effects and with a story difficult to be followed and understood by adolescents and kids, its more obvious targets, let alone older people. Of course, not everything must be technology in a film, even in an adventures film or destined to the youngest people. Here is where we can appreciate Star Wars in its more ample dimension, it’s not just a visual effects movie but it tells an attractive and compelling story that will make you revolve and cry in your seat, you will not be able to even eat your popcorn without going mad about the excellence of the script and the precise and nuanced profiles described during the film.

Yes, the future of cinema may be the streaming at home but in any case it will comprises some aspects of cutting-edge computing technologies with psychologically based scripts covering issues such as evil, goodness, fear, bliss and sadness, a dash of everything to cater for all the tastes. The aforementioned is just the definition of Star Wars, the first three movies and even the rest in less proportion.

A successful movie in the future will count on a team composed by professionals of a great variety of fields such as image rendering, artists eligible for using those computers, psychologists specialized in telling stories in attractive and compelling ways and directors capable of managing those teams and leading the film to the success in the box office. May be in little time we come across a new movie similar to ‘Star Wars’ or ‘The Matrix’, films which are in the summit of cinema of all times utilizing the available technology of the time, after the three first movies the saga went digital in titles like ‘Attack of the Clones’, and in the second delivery ‘The Matrix’ went even more technological with the title ‘The Matrix Reloaded’.

Of course, we need as well the necessary funding of all these projects but over time the use of these technologies are becoming increasingly cheaper and in some studios they are commonplace like a camera. Nowadays we have new ways of exploiting these movies even after the pass by the big screen, I refer to the streaming of films and series via the cable of today, the optic fiber.

I think that films like ‘The Matrix’ are unvaluable resources to boost the interest in technology of various generations of school boys or girls who might be in the future skilled professionals of the world of art and technology and work on the rendering of stunning images and sounds that deliver astonishing soundtracks and films such as ‘Blade Runner’ by Vangelis and Ridley Scott and others less known by everyone. We must bear in mind that the first ‘Blade runner’ didn’t count on the means we have today like computers and software to create an image from scratch, and the synthesizers were by far much more rudimentary than today. I’d say that films like those last are practically a miracle considering the technology of the epoch, they have an incredible merit that is complicated measuring nowadays taking into account our current technology.

To summarize I must say that is not only necessary a lot of stunning visual effects to succeed in the world of art, it’s necessary as well a meritorious script based on sentiments that everyone can feel and an outcome surprising and moving enough to leave a good taste in the spectators’ mouth, that is, a movie easy to remember.

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